Rules & Regulations

Circulars (and other provisions)

Instruction I-EX-DF-03/2022 26/05/2022 Minimum number of lots to cross a blocktrade. LIS Financial - Trading
Instruction I-EX-DF-02/2022 25/04/2022 Liquidity Provider Program in xRolling Stocks Financial - Trading
Instruction I-EX-DF-01/2022 25/04/2022 Application Form for the UTC in xRolling Stocks Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-GEN-02/2022 25/04/2022 Trade Types General - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-11/2022 25/04/2022 MEFF Trading systems Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-10/2022 25/04/2022 Supervision Norms and Criteria Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-09/2022 25/04/2022 Market Hours and Trading Periods Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-08/2022 25/04/2022 Liquidity Provider Regulation in xRolling Stocks Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-07/2022 25/04/2022 xRolling Stocks Unilateral Termination of the Contract Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-06/2022 25/04/2022 Filters and treatment of erroneous entries Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-05/2022 25/04/2022 Closing Prices for MEFF listed contracts Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-04/2022 25/04/2022 MEFF listed contracts Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-03/2022 25/04/2022 Financial Derivatives Segment Fees Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-ENE- 02/2022 05/04/2022 Contracts listed in the Power Derivatives Contract Group Coding Commodities - Other
Instruction I-EX-ENE-01/2022 27/01/2022 Pre-arranged Trades or Block Trades Commodities - Trading
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