1. Regulated and Supervised Market

    MEFF is the Governing Company of the Derivative Products Market and is therefore a Company regulated and supervised by the Spanish and European Supervisory Authorities.

    All its operations are regulated through Market Regulations, General Conditions and Circulars, which are approved by the CNMV.

    The investor is at all times aware of the transactions of the market and its operational processes.

  2. Experience

    MEFF has been the Spanish Market for Derivative Products since 1989. This experience provides MEFF with great solidity and it is widely recognised both nationally and internationally, being one of the main European Derivatives Markets.

  3. Transparency and Liquidity

    MEFF provides information in real time regarding all its transactions, on the prices and volumes traded. Its contracts are among the most liquid in the Derivatives Markets.

  4. MEFF has a vast catalogue of contracts listed for trading.

  5. Best fees.

  6. Access to Market Data at no cost (subject to certain conditions).

  7. Direct access to the market (no intermediaries).

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