MEFFPower uses proprietary technology is used: latest available version of the S/MART platform and the same central host as for all the other MEFF products.

MEFFPower members are provided access via;

  • Web Portal MEFF TRADE ENTRY: it is a web portal for traders where they may confirm deals registered by the brokers or fellow members: Equally they may register a deal which another member has then to confirm.
  • TRAYPORT: MEFFPower has a connection with Trayport and the brokers so that deals can also be registerd STP through the Trayport screens.
  • MEFFSTATION using a VPN connection: New members can gain access through the Internet. Using VPN, members can access Windows servers installed in BME's CPDs, where the MEFFStation application will be executed.
  • Settlement Website: it is a web portal with information on the activity registered by the member provided by the Clearing House BME Clearing.

Likewise, MEFFGate servers can be accessed through the Internet and VPN, enabling all members who wish to do so to use the FIX protocol.

Entities who are already members of MEFF, BME Clearing or of any other market in the BME group can use the existing network to access these systems.
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