Trade Registration

MEFF allows registration of pre-arranged trades (trade registration) in swaps and futures as follows:

  1. through its Web Portal MEFF TRADE ENTRY:
  2. through TRAYPORT:

In the first case, the member will receive User ID code and password to the portal, and the following situations may occur:

  • The member registers a trade with another member as counterparty. MEFFPower will send email to other counterparty asking to confirm and accept the trade. The member acting as counterparty has to accept the trade.
  • The broker registers a trade whose contracting parties are two other members. In this case, both counterparties will receive an email with the request to confirm the deal and both must accept the transaction.

In all cases, once the trade has been accepted by the counterparty members, there will be a verification that the trade satisfies MEFF´s and BME Clearing´s price and volume filters and afterwards it will sent to BME Clearing so it can be registered. If the trade does satisfy the filters, a check will be carried out to see if the member has sufficient margin to register the trade. Trades may be confirmed through the webportal, by voice or by email.

For more information about the registration of trades see the circulars:

MEFF: "Pre-arranged Trades or Block Trades"

BME Clearing: "Transactions directly agreed between Energy Segment Members and Brokered Transactions"

Members are also able to sign give-up agreements where they authorize a/several broker/s to confirm their deals.

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