MEFFAccess is a communications driver supplied by MEFF that performs market proxy functions. It stores the information received from the Market and supplies it to the devices connected to it. It also receives the information of the connected devices and makes it reach the Market.


MEFFAccess centralizes the access to MEFF


Due to its function, and since it has direct access to the Market, MEFFAccess equipment is always located in the network zone managed by MEFF. In this way, software updates or interventions that MEFF has to perform are also provided.

MEFFAccess establishes a TCP / IP connection with the access nodes through which it in turn accesses the central systems. MEFFAccess maintains for each service a list of access nodes with a connection preference associated with each one. For member convenience, this list is configured by MEFF.

MEFFAccess is responsible for detecting connection problems to its main access node, and on encountering a problem, chooses to access the next access node in its list. Once the communication with the main access node is restored, MEFFAccess reconnects to it.


MEFFAccess detects and manages the problems of market access


MEFF installs two or more MEFFAccess servers on each Member network, so that each device is guaranteed to have connectivity with at least two of them. Upon failure of the main MEFFAccess, it redirects the requests to its backup MEFFAccess. This process is done transparently for users.


Automatic selection of MEFFAccess in case of an emergency


MEFF configures the MEFFAccess so that they are all used, taking advantage to distribute the traffic of the different client computers.

When a device connects to MEFFAccess, it updates the device with the current market situation. The location of MEFFAccess midway between the market and the devices it serves, allows this synchronization to occur more quickly, as it is done within the local network.

As a general rule, MEFFAccess only receives the public market data and the data of the Member to which it belongs. However, one MEFFAccess could be used to service more than one Member.

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