HF MEFFGate is an interface that provides an API access to MEFF using a client / server architecture. This API allows the exchange of information with the market. The functionality offered allows the development of third party applications, by a member or an ISV.

Each HF MEFFGate interface is installed on a MEFFAccess communication server. Generally there will be two available HF MEFFGate interfaces installed in the assigned MEFFAccess, one of which is designated as the primary access server and the other as secondary.


Market access path with HF MEFFGate


The HF MEFFGate interface is installed on MEFF hardware and managed by MEFF. This hardware must be installed in the network zone managed by MEFF on the members site. MEFF is responsible for the maintenance and upgrades of the HF MEFFGate.

HF MEFFGate provides functionalities related to the public information of the market and others with the operative of each member:

  • Contract information: definition and status
  • Price information
  • Trading session status
  • Administration messages
  • Indication of interest information
  • Negotiation operations
  • Order Management
  • Management of quotes
  • Applications

Below are some of the tools that can be developed from HF MEFFGate, either as a source of information or to send instructions to the market.

MEFF installs as many HF MEFFGate interfaces as necessary to ensure coverage of all user codes assigned to a particular member. Regardless of the number of user codes assigned, at least two HF MEFFGate interfaces are available.


Action caused by a problem with a HF MEFFGate interface


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