The MEFFStation terminal is the MEFF terminal associated with a particular operator. For those members who require it, MEFF has developed the Multi Operator terminal that allows acting on behalf of other operators of the entity.

The MEFFStation terminal is available as a software package that allows the member to install and configure the terminal on its own hardware. The member is responsible for maintaining the hardware and software and installing the updates provided by MEFF. Maintenance is subject to the hardware and software requirements established by MEFF.

Each MEFF terminal is associated with two MEFFAccess through which it accesses the Market. Of the two MEFFAccess one takes the role of principal while the other remains as an alternative.

Los terminales MEFF se conectan directamente al MEFFAccess

The MEFF terminals are equipped with a versatile interface that can be adapted to the visual and commercial preferences of the users.

MEFFStation Terminal

The MEFF terminals have all the necessary functionalities to operate in the Market. They also present a set of advanced functionalities that make them a value added tool, both for the negotiation tasks and for the management of the operative in its different facets.

The following are some of the features of the MeffStation:


  • Access control
  • Desktop customization
  • Export data to file
  • Data server using proprietary API


  • Operational limits and filters configured by terminal
  • Negotiation of all products available at MEFF
  • Monitoring and management of live orders
  • Interactive consultations and reports on all aspects of negotiation
  • Application entry
  • Reception of informative messages


  • Monitoring and management of the open position
  • End-of-day reporting
  • Exercise management
  • Allocation of transactions traded in the daily account, transfers and management of give-ups
  • Information about the settlements and guarantees required by the holder (simulation during session and final at the end of the day).
  • Management of the position in aggregate and segregated accounts.

The Multi Operator terminal has all the functionalities listed in addition the ability to act on behalf of any of the operators of the entity.

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