Central System

MEFF has central HOST replicated in two sites (CPDs) located in Madrid.

One of the sites takes the role of active while the other remains as a hot backup. The active system processes the information contained in messages received from operators and generates response messages. The secondary system performs exactly the same processes except the diffusion of the response messages. This ensures that the backup system can take the role of active system when necessary.

MEFF access nodes and central systems

Access nodes are the computers and devices to which Members are connected to access the processing systems. Each access node is connected to the two MEFF sites.

MEFF has access nodes in different geographic locations. The decision to constitute a node is taken when there is a critical mass of Members in the corresponding zone of influence. MEFF has double nodes in each of the following cities: Barcelona, Bilbao, London, Madrid and Valencia.

The access nodes are responsible for automatically directing the traffic to the central system that is active at all times. Similarly, if a problem occurs in one of the access nodes, the MEFF devices at the Member's premises detect the situation and switch to using the connection line with the other access node.

The dimensioning of the communication structure available to MEFF enables it to offer a high level of connectivity to Members from any access point. This, coupled with the computing capacity of the core systems, guarantees optimum operational throughput.

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