MEFF launches derivatives on Fluidra shares and new monthly maturities on the dividend futures already listed

3 November, 2021

MEFF, the BME Spanish derivatives exchange, launches Futures and Options contracts on Fluidra shares. With this incorporation, BME's derivatives market completes the list of shares that make up the IBEX 35®, following the latest review of its composition to make its tracking with derivatives easier for both institutional and retail investors.

Following this addition, the total number of Spanish underlyings that can be traded on MEFF is 47. MEFF's suite of Financial Derivatives products is complemented by Futures and Options on the IBEX 35®, and futures on the IBEX Impacto Dividendo index and on Stock Dividends from the companies with the largest trading volumes.

MEFF, also launches new monthly maturities on the Dividend futures already listed, IBEX and Stocks.

For further information about MEFF please visit its website.

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