BME launches Braindex, a 100% online financial training platform

14 September, 2021
  • This new educational environment, which is based on Instituto BME's over 30 years of experience, seeks to promote financial and stock market culture
  • The courses, aimed at all types of students, focus on Financial Markets and Products, Disclosure, Technology and Regulation applied to the sector

BME has launched Braindex, featuring 100% online financial training imparted by top-level teachers, more accessible and aimed at all types of students, from those who start from scratch and are interested in receiving basic training to university students and industry professionals who need to further their training. All this is offered by Braindex, the new online educational environment created by Instituto BME, BME's training center, which has over 30 years of experience, during which it has imparted lessons to more than 126,000 students. The platform already provides more than 27 courses, both paid and free of charge, and its offering will periodically be widened so that it will become a live platform with hundreds of courses available.

Enrique Castellanos, General Manager of Instituto BME, ran through the details of this new training platform at a press conference held this morning in the Madrid stock exchange. "Instituto BME's academic offering already included a wide variety of online courses, in addition to face-to-face. Braindex is not only about online courses, it is a format specifically prepared and designed for certain students who want to learn new concepts and skills but cannot do so because their schedules are incompatible with face-to-face or online courses. At Braindex we have video courses that allow students to access the content how, when and where they wish. In addition, at the end of the courses, if they pass the exam, they will be able to have their accreditation certificates. They set the pace”, he explained. 

The courses offered by Braindex are divided into four areas: Financial Markets and Products, Disclosure, Technology and Regulation applied to the financial sector. Students will be provided with video recordings of the lessons and additional learning material to complete their training. In addition, they will be able to take part in virtual chats, via Discord, whereby a community will be created to exchange opinions and solve queries.

Braindex comes from the combination of the English words "brain" and "index", thus symbolising the pooling of financial talent and a desire to feed brains eager for new financial knowledge.

The teaching staff within this new educational environment is made up of professionals with extensive experience and first-hand knowledge of the industry.

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