MEFF promotes with other markets an European Committee to make the Derivatives Markets more efficient

3 September, 2019
  • The ECAC will try to harmonize the treatment of corporate actions between the European derivatives markets

MEFF, BME’s Derivatives Market, has participated in the establishment of the European Corporate Actions Committee (ECAC), with the European major operators of regulated derivatives markets, authorized or operated in accordance with MiFID II or equivalent non-EU regulations.

The aim of this working group is to harmonize principles for adjustments related to corporate actions affecting listed derivatives, such as takeover bids or mergers. The members of the ECAC consider it extremely important that no market destabilization occurs due to different treatment of corporate actions between derivatives exchanges.

In addition to BME’s Derivatives Market, the Committee is composed of Borsa Italiana, Eurex, Euronext, ICE and Nasdaq Stockholm. All of them will maintain close contact and will meet periodically to pursue alignment in the treatment of corporate actions, with the aim of ensuring an efficient, fair and orderly market.

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