MEFF to launch FX Futures

The BME Group thus breaks into a new asset class

17 January, 2018

MEFF is to launch new FX futures contracts this year, called FX Rolling Spot Future (xRolling™), thus expanding the range of assets it currently offers its members and investors.

The product will be a "perpetual" Future on the main pairs of currencies and with extended trading hours (from 00:00 to 23:00). The xRolling™ would be accessible from the IT platforms provided by the main brokers and will be cleared by BME Clearing, the central counterparty (CCP) of BME.

With the launch of xRolling™, MEFF aims to offer retail investors the possibility of trading currencies through an instrument listed on MEFF, with the security and transparency that trading in a regulated market entails.

BME is working on various initiatives to increase its presence in the FX sector with the aim of expanding the range of assets it offers its participants. BME takes the initiative in the face of important regulatory changes that affect the Forex industry and leverages its IT infrastructure and the distribution network, through its members, in this way offering an innovative and competitive service.

The launch is scheduled for the fourth quarter and is pending the corresponding authorisations by supervisors.

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