Rules & Regulations

Circulars (and other provisions)

Circular C-EX-DF-21/2019 28/11/2019 Liquidity Providers Regulation Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-20/2019 28/11/2019 Regulated Market Makers Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-19/2019 28/11/2019 MEFF Trading systems Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-18/2019 28/11/2019 Prearranged Trades in the Financial Derivatives Segment. Requirements, parameters and deadlines Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-17/2019 28/11/2019 Market Hours and Trading Periods Financial - Trading
Instruction I-EX-DF-20/2019 30/10/2019 Liquidity Provider Program for xRolling FX Futures Financial - Trading
Instruction I-EX-DF-19/2019 30/10/2019 Liquidity Provider Program for IBEX 35 Options Financial - Trading
Instruction I-EX-DF-18/2019 30/10/2019 Regulated Market Makers Program on IBEX 35 Futures Financial - Trading
Instruction I-EX-DF-17/2019 30/10/2019 Regulated Market Maker Program on IBEX 35 Options Financial - Trading
Instruction I-EX-DF-16/2019 22/10/2019 Reference guide for minimum prearranged trades number of contracts (LIS). Financial - Trading
Instruction I-EX-DF-14/2019 17/06/2019 Regulated Market Maker Program for xRolling FX Financial - Trading
Instruction I-EX-DF-13/2019 11/06/2019 Latency Protection Parameter Financial - Other
Instruction I-EX-DF-12/2019 11/06/2019 Price and Volume Filters Financial - Trading
Instruction I-EX-DF-09/2019 11/06/2019 Establishment of the parameters used for the calculation of the OTR Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-16/2019 11/06/2019 Order Types Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-15/2019 11/06/2019 Fees for the Financial Derivatives Segment Financial - Fees
Circular C-EX-DF-14/2019 11/06/2019 MEFF Trading systems Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-12/2019 11/06/2019 Closing Prices for MEFF listed contracts Financial - Clearing and Settlement
Circular C-EX-DF-11/2019 11/06/2019 Auction Periods and Volatility Auctions Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-10/2019 11/06/2019 Supervision Norms and Criteria Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-08/2019 11/06/2019 Use of filters by Members and treatment of erroneous entries Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-DF-06/2019 11/06/2019 MEFF listed contracts. Codes and Technical Specifications Financial - Meff Codes
Circular C-EX-DF-05/2019 11/06/2019 Night market shift Contacts for xRolling FX Financial - Other
Circular C-EX-DF-04/2019 11/06/2019 Trading Calendar for Financial Derivatives Segment Financial - Trading
Circular C-EX-ENE-03/2019 28/03/2019 Position Limits Supervisión and Control Commodities - Supervision and Surveillance
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