The product coding follows the following scheme:

  • The first two characters identify the type of derivative.

    Wind SwapSE
    Mini Future  (0.1 MWh)FM
    Mini Swap (0.1 MWh)SM
  • The third character identifies the product type: base (B) or peak (P).

  • The fourth character identifies the settlement type: by cash (C).

  • Lastly, the delivery period and its detail is defined: Anual - CAL; Quarterly - Q; Monthly - M; Weekly - W or Daily - D.

    Derivative Product Type Settlement Type Delivery Period Examples



    SE - Wind Swap

    SM - Mini Swap

    FM - Mini Future

    B–Base P–Peak C–Cash CAL–Annual SWBCCAL19: Swap Base Cash Annual 2019
    Q–Quarterly SWBCQ119: Swap Base Cash Q1 2019
    M–Monthly SWPCMJAN19: Swap Peak Cash Monthly January 2019

    SWBCW03K19: Swap Base Cash 3rd Whole Week 2019

    SEBCW02K19: Wind Swap Cash 2nd Whole Week 2019

       B- Business  Day

    FTBCW02B19: Future Base Cash 2nd Week Business Day 2019
       E–Weekend SWBCW01E19: Swap Base Cash 1st Weekend 2019
    D–Daily SWBCD01JAN19: Swap Base Cash Daily 1st January 2019
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