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Historical information.
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(Available until May 28, 2012)
29/10/2015 6873kb
30/10/2015 6944kb
02/11/2015 7626kb
03/11/2015 7809kb
04/11/2015 7680kb
05/11/2015 6411kb
06/11/2015 6602kb
09/11/2015 6682kb
10/11/2015 6743kb
11/11/2015 6767kb
12/11/2015 7039kb
13/11/2015 7107kb
16/11/2015 7111kb
17/11/2015 7164kb
18/11/2015 7143kb
19/11/2015 7141kb
20/11/2015 7088kb
23/11/2015 7241kb
24/11/2015 6487kb
25/11/2015 6591kb
26/11/2015 6606kb
27/11/2015 6579kb

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