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Up until September 9 2013, MEFF Sociedad Rectora de Productos Derivados S. A. (MEFF) ran both the activities of exchange and central counterparty (CCP) for the instruments included in the Financial Derivatives segment (IBEX 35 futures and options, single stock futures and options, futures on a dividend index, futures on single stock dividends, 10-year Notional Bond futures) and power derivatives (MEFF Power). MEFF was also the CCP for repo transactions on Public Debt (MEFFREPO). The new company BME Clearing will now run this activity.

In order to meet the requirements of EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation, Regulation (EU) 648/2012), it has been necessary to separate the exchange activities from the CCP. This separation has taken place by segregating the exchange activity (from former MEFF in force until September 9 2013) into a new company. As a result, there are two companies, a new one for the exchange and the former existing one, just for the CCP.

The new company taking over the exchange activities is denominated MEFF Sociedad Rectora del Mercado de Productos Derivados (in short, MEFF Exchange); and the former MEFF, which continues with the CCP activity, has changed its name to BME Clearing.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact MEFF commercial department on +34 91 709 50 00 or write to



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